Interview in Broadly

So, a funny thing happened….

Many of my colleagues were shocked when I came out as a Christian, and told everyone I was going to stop writing erotic romance, and instead write inspirational romance. Rachel Kramer Bussel, who has published four of my erotic stories written as Shoshanna Evers, interviewed me about my conversion for Broadly/Vice, an online magazine with a feminist, liberal bent that isn’t shy about.. well, vices.

When the article was posted today, I knew there would be Christians who might be interested in reading it — especially for those of us who have loved ones we’re worried will never come to Christ. If Jesus can turn my heart to Him, He can do it for anyone.

Here’s the problem:

There was a risque photo at the top of the article. I wasn’t sure it would be a good idea to link to it because of that. Neither I nor the journalist, Bussel, have any control over the artwork, but when I pointed out that not everyone will feel comfortable clicking the link, she asked Broadly if they could change the main image and tone it down a bit.

Unfortunately, since they’ve already used that image with their social media postings about it, that one had to remain, but they moved it to the body of the article. They did change the header image, to um, well, another risque photograph (slightly less risque, I guess?). Basically I shouldn’t have said anything, because now there are not one but two images you may want to scroll past quickly. Sorry. :/ 

I’m going to post the link to the article, with a WARNING that you may want to look at it on your phone or not at work because of the two images accompanying the interview. I’ve included on here some screenshots from the article, you can click them to make them bigger and more legible. If you want to read the whole article, it’s here.



These bits from the interview are only a taste, so with the image warning in mind (and knowing that those images were not my choosing or Bussel’s), I think you’ll really love the Broadly article. Bussel asked some very good, insightful questions to get to the heart of why I had to change, for God!