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The Rancher’s Convenient Pregnant Bride:
Sweet Inspirational Cowboy Romance (The Bear Creek Saddle Series Book 3)

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The Rancher's Convenient Pregnant Bride by Shoshanna Gabriel

The Rancher’s Convenient Pregnant Bride

by Shoshanna Gabriel

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The handsome rancher has an offer for a modern marriage-of-convenience she just can’t refuse…for her baby’s sake.

Eric Hunt, a handsome young rancher in the small mountain town of Bear Creek Saddle, Idaho, learns he can’t have children of his own. His desperate prayers to God for healing are answered with a crystal-clear vision: a beautiful woman with warm brown eyes—his future wife?—and she’s holding a baby. But how?

Across the country, Lindsay Moore’s glamorous Manhattan lifestyle is ripped out from under her when she falls victim to an investment scam, loses her job as an executive at the bank…and finds out she’s pregnant by a man who wants nothing to do with her, or her baby.

When Lindsay’s sister asks her to come out to Bear Creek Saddle Ranch to be her maid-of-honor and help plan her upcoming wedding, Lindsay has nowhere else to go. But she’s completely out of place in the mountains, and without the sense of importance and identity her career and money used to give her, she feels lost. She’s no longer sure of her value, and she never imagined she’d be in this predicament…single, broke, and raising her baby without a father.

Eric is the groom’s best-man, and when the bride-to-be’s beautiful sister Lindsay arrives, he offers her a job to help her out, and to get to know her better. He’s heard a lot about her already, and since her sister has blue-green eyes, he’d assumed Lindsay would as well.

But she has warm brown eyes. Could Lindsay be the one from his vision?

They find themselves drawn to each other, despite all of their differences. And when Eric discovers Lindsay is pregnant, he knows God sent Lindsay to him for a reason.

Eric wants to marry her and be a father to her baby, even if they’re not in love yet—she’s beautiful inside and out, and he feels called by God to make the proposal. For Lindsay, it’s a way out of the mess she’s made of her life—an offer for a modern marriage of convenience that she just can’t refuse.

But can a man and a woman with nothing in common, find common ground…and maybe even love…before their child is born?

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