Write Stuff Podcast – Goodbye Erotica, Hello Jesus

Podcast-TheWriteStuffIn February of this year, author Parker J Cole invited me to be interviewed on her podcast about why I chose to leave behind Shoshanna Evers and become Shoshanna Gabriel, eschewing erotic romance for inspirational romance. This coming February (2017), I’ll be on her podcast again, so I thought it might be fun to take a listen to this earlier interview:

Listen to the interview HERE

Since then, I’ve welcomed my new twin babies, a boy and girl, to my family. An incredible blessing! We are so grateful! They were born in June 2016, and life has been hectic, to say the least. 🙂 I haven’t gotten nearly as much done with my writing as I thought I would (obviously). But, I am finally back at it –working on Second Chances for Trampled Hearts (a Bear Creek Saddle Ranch book), which is a major revision of a story I had previously published called I am Not Your Melody. At the time I wrote that book, I was already Christian and wanted to write an inspirational book, but felt I couldn’t.

This is the only book written as Evers that I can possibly rework, because it was already essentially a story written with a faith element. The faith element was just hidden… Now it can come out where it belongs, and I can get rid of the admittedly unnecessary sex scenes that were in there. Other elements have changed as well (the bar becomes a diner, no cussing anymore, more focus on the emotional aspect of the romance, etc). I think even if you already read I Am Not Your Melody a while back, you’re going to be happy reading Second Chances for Trampled Hearts. It may feel familiar, but it will still be totally fresh and new in spirit.

I hope you enjoy the podcast! Thanks for listening!

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Shoshanna Gabriel
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