Write on the River – May 13-15 in Wenatchee, WA


I’ll be presenting some workshops for writers and aspiring writers at Write on the River, May 13-15! It’s at Wenatchee Valley College in Wenatchee, WA, in in North Central Washington. If you live in that area and want to attend, you should register here ASAP! What I’ll be doing on Saturday: Game Plan to Be an Indie Superstar – Shoshanna (Evers) Gabriel…

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Interview in Broadly


So, a funny thing happened…. Many of my colleagues were shocked when I came out as a Christian, and told everyone I was going to stop writing erotic romance, and instead write inspirational romance. Rachel Kramer Bussel, who has published four of my erotic stories written as Shoshanna Evers, interviewed me about my conversion for…

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Saying Goodbye to Erotic Romance


This is a reblog of my blog post “Saying Goodbye to Erotic Romance” from November 12th, 2015. Hello to my readers, my friends, my family, and anyone in the romance industry who sees this: Gather ’round, I have a story to tell. It’s about why, after five years as a published erotic romance author, I…

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